Monday, January 11, 2010

Toys for Sean, the puppy

Mum called today saying that Sean is very playful.  Now, that's a good sign.  He has been taking mum's plastic mugs and throwing them into the air, and then chasing after them. 

One thing though, Sean is very intelligent.  He understands commands and knows what is expected of him. 

Mum says he's completely adorable.  And we both suspect he must be still a puppy since he's very playful. 

I thought I'd be having a relatively "easy" and relaxing day today, so after work, I went to buy some toys for Sean, and also new food.  I was going to deliver everything to my mum's after my visits to all our boarded dogs.

But Wendy's case came up, so here I am at home, waiting to take Wendy to Puchong when Ainey gets off work.  Luckily Ainey is able to help me out afterwards so that I don't have to look for the clinic by myself, in my present coughing state.  We'll get to Puchong together - Ainey, Wendy and me.  Ainey too had just recovered from fever.  Something is definitely in the air. 

Anyway, here are Sean's toys and treats:

Two balls, one stringy thingie and treats.

Quality control (more like KPC) inspection.

Bobby totally uninterested. 
Yawn...been there, done that...

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