Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sean and Tara - updates

I bought a new cage for Tara and brought it to my mum's house yesterday.

When my car reached the gate, Sean and Tara came excitedly to greet me, with waggy tails. 

For those of you who have seen Tara when she was down with distemper (and almost dying), you'd be so happy to see Tara now.  She is active and happy. 

Here's the two of them having a snack.  Mum says Tara loves her cage (the photo shows her old cage, I've bought her a bigger one now), and often goes inside to sleep.  There is also no problem in getting her to go into the cage should my parents need to drive the car out.  Sean?  Sean is a bit of a problem!

Look at Sean in the photo above.  He has grown much bigger now and his coat shines.  He used to be about Tara's size.  Now, Tara looks so small in comparison. 

Mum cooks them a hot meal every morning - chicken, vegetables and rice.  At other times, it's kibbles. 

Mum says it's such a joy watching Tara eat now.  Her appetite is so good.  She polishes every single bit of her food, and even asks for more.

Mum also gives them both Crystal Enzyme which aids in recovery. 

Sean and Tara get along fine.  Actually, it's Tara who is the fierce one.     

Both are good watchdogs as well.  They bark when visitors come.  But at other times, they are quiet. 

Sean and Tara are both Klang Dog Pound survivors, rescued on 15th Dec, brought to LLLP, Bentong and brought back for treatment.  Both had distemper as well.  Sean recovered very well, but Tara took a longer time to recover and had to be boarded, put on drips and injectible antibiotics.  Sean spent the first two weeks in isolation, boarding at bathrooms in two different clinics.

We hope there would be no relapse in the months to come.

Whatever it is, I've always said it's moments that count.  

Sean and Tara are very happy now - that's all that matters.  

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