Saturday, May 15, 2010

Peanut & Butter - pampered with lots of love!

It is really such a joy receiving photos and updates of Peanut & Butter from Effi.

Here's an account from Effi, writing from work:

I just can’t wait to go home to see them.. Still have an hour to go.. Goshh it’s really killing me actually..

Last night when I took them from Wani’s house, as usual they were exploring the whole house, and playing with each other.

Whenever Peanut happens to be alone, he will make a sound to look for Butter.  He is so sweet...too bad I could not capture the moment on camera. 

Both of them sleep with me in the room on my bed. Just can’t let them sleep alone in the hall.

When I was getting ready to work this afternoon, both of them were sleeping at their favorite place – behind my dressing mirror. Worried whether they are doing fine at home without me, I kept smsing my housemate to check on them.. Thank God they are ok.

You know what, this morning Peanut wake me up sharp 7 to ask for his antibiotics while Butter was still sleeping on my pillow. Isn’t it cute?

Thanks again, for bringing them into my life!

It is indeed a great blessing to have found a caring and loving adopter like you, Effi, for Peanut & Butter.  Both of them are very good at timing and they are like alarm clocks!  And yes, Peanut can sit on his hind legs - he's very good at that.  Even while in my house, the two of them would always be together and the moment Butter is out of sight, Peanut will whine and look for him.  That is why I needed them to be adopted together.  They are very attached to each other.  Peanut looks after Butter, and Butter thrives on it.

Thank you for your wonderful account and photos.  

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