Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Cow, Bunny & Pole

Cow, Bunny and Pole were rescued four years ago, on Mother's Day 2006.  I was taking a Sunday morning walk and had found them huddled together by the roadside.  They only opened their eyes two weeks after that.    

Happy Birthday, Cow, Bunny and Pole!


ManekiNeko said...

Bobby is just a cat-magnet! :-)

Thank you for sharing your photos & memories of Cow, Bunny, and Pole, and I hope you also have a joyous Mother's Day!


chen said...

Dear Kah Yein

Happy mom's day too. I love your kitty pictures here. The tummy-up picture of Bunny is absolutely adorable. And is Cow always so serious looking? He is the most serious looking cat I've ever seen.


Yen Ling said...

Happy Mother's Day to you =)

Syabas for good job well done!

Happy 4th Birthday to the Cow, Bunny and Pole.