Friday, May 14, 2010

Peanut & Butter at Effi's

I'm always guilty of being a little paranoid whenever any of my fostered kittens are newly adopted.  I hope the adopters would understand that I just want to make sure they are adjusting well to their new environment, so, I'll usually like to know if they are eating, pee-ing and poo-ing, etc. 

Yesterday, Peanut & Butter were at Wani's, and according to Wani, Joned was the big brother taking care of them and following them around as they explored the house.  Isn't Joned so sweet?

As expected, Peanut is the more active one, and Butter wants everyone to cuddle him.  That's the way they were while they were with me too.  Both of them ate their food yesterday, and did their business this morning.  That's really good news.

Here are some photos from Effi, from her apartment:

Little Peanut with his new collar.  I've always noticed that Peanut has very big front paws.  Look at those paws! 

Butter has a new collar too.


I do miss those pretty blue eyes...

Peanut, always on the move (his photos are always a little blur).

Last night, I thought I felt Peanut and Butter nudging me as they usually do....Ahh, I've grown so accustomed to their antics already.

I'm really glad they have a safe and wonderful home with Effi now.  

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