Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Peanut & Butter's last night with me

If all goes well tomorrow, Peanut and Butter will be going to their new home.  Effi Herawaty will be coming to view them and hopefully, take them home. 

It is always very hard to part, especially when they have been with me for 10 weeks now.  This is more so for these two because we went through so, so much together. 

Being orphaned at 2 weeks, Peanut & Butter did not have the advantage of their mother's milk and immunity.  They had worm infestation, diarrhoea, Peanut had FLUTD, and due to the immature immune system, they had fungus as well.  Last week, they had diarrhoea again, but it healed within two days.  Then, Peanut came down with a blood parasite (and fever), which thankfully, also healed within 2 days.   

It would be hard to forget how persistent their diarrhoea was, and how I tried everything from diet control, to steamed chicken, steamed pumpkin, rehydration salts, etc.  We even made a 3am emergency trip to the vet's for the injection of subcutaneous fluids.

And then there was their fungus, which was also very persistent.  I could not use any medication because they were too young, so the only thing that was safe enough was Apple Cider Vinegar.  It time.  

It had only been 10 weeks, but it sure seems much longer than that, because we went through so much together. 

So, today has been a day of photography for us at home...

Peanut & Butter at what my son calls, their "watering hole", and of course, playing on their favourite kitchen slippers.

This is a photo I've always wanted to take, but never got to until today - Indy licking Peanut.  Indy seems to have an affinity with Peanut.  He's always licking him.

Butter's favourite "parrot perch".

My husband playing the "touch nose" game with Butter.

Ming-Yi with Peanut & Butter.

Playing with Suki's feather.

Their favourite basket in the room, where they love to play hide-and-seek.

Run and hide!

Another favourite basket for hide-and-seek.

Butter with his blue eyes.

One of the best shots of Peanut today.

He's always on the go...looking for adventure.

Grab you two, for a quick photo!

A quick snooze, before waking up for another game and a new adventure...

Peanut and Butter are definitely the most obedient and well-behaved kittens I've ever fostered.  Both of them answer to their names and come to me when I call, no matter where they are. 

I am surely going to miss looking after Peanut and Butter, but I'm glad they will be going to their forever-home tomorrow.   


Yen Ling said...

LOL! I love the parrot pose. =) I remember one of my old cats who loved to do that whenever she was afraid. =)

chen said...

Beautiful memories are made of these. Chen