Sunday, May 16, 2010

More pictures of Peanut and Butter

So, it's confirmed - Butter IS a girl!  How silly of me to have been duped for so long.  Guess I was concentrating so much on getting them well and healthy, I did not bother much about checking their gender.

Here are some updates and photos from Effi:

I fed them steamed chicken yesterday & they finished it in less than 5 mins!  My other job was taking their pic as I don’t want to miss every moment of their sweet little antics.

Hope you like their pics. Butter actually prefers to be with me all the time while Peanut will always want to be with my housemate Did.

Yesterday while having dinner, I was seated on my dining chair, Butter did a stunt by jumping onto me by scratching onto my jeans & after that she fell asleep on my lap...  She was so cute.. Peanut as usual, will be sleeping behind the mirror.

Hi Pea-Pea!

The cute little girl who has won everyone's hearts...

Play and be happy, kitties!

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