Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peanut & Butter at their new home

This morning, I fed Peanut & Butter their usual breakfast treat of steamed chicken, which they will always finish....very quickly.

Then, the usual routine is, Butter will rush out to the kitchen to see if Bobby has any left-overs, and Bobby will always move aside to let Butter have some.

That's my son, Jia-Wen, saying "bye" to both of them before going off to work.

Playing hide-and-seek around Bobby...

I spent the whole morning with them today, and took each of them and told them that they would be going to their new home.  I had already told them about it two days ago, and also yesterday, but today, they seemed to be listening.  Both of them put their heads on my chest and closed their eyes.  Butter slept for a short while, too. 

Soon, it was time to go. 

Effi Herawaty is Wani Mohd's friend & colleague and they both live in the same neighbourhood.  If you remember, Wani adopted Bandit from me a few months ago.  It was Wani who introduced Effi to me, and Effi had booked Peanut & Butter about a month ago. 

This morning, Effi text to say she was at Wani's apartment, so I could send Peanut & Butter to Wani's place.  I had packed the kittens' things already - Peanut's antibiotics, their Vetri DMG, their food, vaccination cards and their toys (their ball and Suki's feather).  

We arrived and was greeted by Wani, Effi, Did (another cat-loving friend) and Joned and Bandit!
Here's Bandit!  He has certainly put on a lot of weight, and is looking really good.

I let the kittens out of the carrier, and they wasted no time in exploring Wani's apartment.

Here's Peanut making friends with Bandit.

Effi carrying Peanut, talking to Wani.

Joned seems to be saying, "Hey, you look a bit like me..."

Between the two, Peanut seemed more at home, and Effi joked saying that it's because Peanut has black and white markings, like Joned and Bandit, while Butter is like a "Mat Salleh", ie. blonde with blue eyes!  Indeed, Bandit and Joned eyed Butter curiously...

You look different from us, but you're still very cute...

Effi and Butter. 

Peanut and Butter will be staying with Wani until tonight since Effi has to go to work later.  Effi didn't want to leave them alone in her apartment.  In fact, Wani and Effi babysit for each other's pets whenever one of them go back to their respective hometowns.  So, the kittens will be very at home in both apartments.  I was really glad to hear this. 

And Did, who is also a cat-lover, visits often and helps to babysit as well.  The kittens will have lots of "aunties" looking after them.

Butter seemed very at home under these stools.  Before I left, he was already fast asleep.  I whispered "bye-bye" and patted him. 

Peanut was still busy exploring the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, etc.  It must be very exciting being in a new place.

I am thankful that Effi has adopted both of them together.  At least they won't be lonely, and they would always have each other for company.

Thank you, Effi, and thank you, Wani. 

Have a good life, Peanut & Butter.  I will miss you both lots. 

The house seems very empty now, and more so, this room feels so empty without Pea-Pea and Butty prancing around, and the sound of the bell in their little ball rolling about the room. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great news. Wah, of course la Butter fell asleep so fast ... he ate soooooo much chicken, his as well as Unca Bobs' ... and his stomach bulged like a pregnant mommy! Well done, Kah Yein, well done indeed!

Yellow Butterfly said...

feeling a bit sad for their absence but happy as well as they have found a good home... isn't that what it is all about? the animals thank you for your compassion. the blessings of buddha upon those who care and make sacrifices for the defenceless animals. om.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kah Yein, looks like you are going to have to cuddle Unca Bobs a lot today and days after because poor Bobs is gonna miss his two wards very much, especially the mat salleh kid Butter. Indy is going to miss Pea-pea too. Animals have feelings too. Am so happy for you, KY, and for the kittens too because Effi and Wani look like very loving mommies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Kah Yein for giving the trust to let me to take care of them.Peanut manja style is a lil strange as he will make a sound while butter will come to you & will asked you to hold him.

Both of them really change my day routine & now missing them

- Effi -