Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Suki did

And while I was busy writing up today's adventures, and also multi-tasking on our new tshirt design, this is what Suki did...

She climbed up onto my table fan and pushed the whole thing down.  It crashed and one blade broke.  I'll have to buy a new fan tomorrow.

She's been extremely naughty in the past few days, making escapades and going out onto the road (read: giving me heart-attacks).  And she won't come back.  My whole battalion of cats go out and help me corner her, but she'd hide under the car (right in the middle where you can't get her).  She totally ignores the feather as well.  I even had to crawl on the tar road on my hands and knees...sigh, the things we do for our (naughty) pets! 

The jailbird after breaking my fan.


Anonymous said...

HI Kah Yein,
Ur Suki is really getting out of control... haiz !
You can just change the blades of the fan ( if the motor is working ) , no need to get a new one.

Happy New Year 2010 !


Anonymous said...

Kahyein, yes, just change the blades ... no need to change the whole unit, and definitely no need to change the kitten either ....

I sense that the poor princess is reacting to the traumatic stress she encountered during her clinic stay for her spaying the other day.

I think it will help very much if someone could sit down and give her several long sessions of petting and stroking with gentle words of love, followed by a little delicious morsel of steamed chicken.

If you put her into the cage every time you catch her from outside, she is going to associate your going towards her outside and catching her with imprisonment. So you will need to reprogram her by retrieving her gently, stroke and pet her lovingly in a room and offer her something delicious before leaving her in a room.

Also, pick her up and stroke her, give her a small piece of chicken and then stroke her gently again before letting her go in the house.

The touchy feely sayang treatment will re-establish the bond between her and her humans because at the clinic, she had been terrified at the new, strange atmosphere, handled by strangers and got hurt (her operation). You described her banging her head against the carrier and that was evidence of the extent of her trauma.

Fear is the worst emotion for an animal, worse than pain or hunger.

Good luck, friend!

chankahyein said...

Thank you, everyone. Ok, will just change the blades then - hope I can get the same size. I think Suki went into a frenzy yesterday due to something. She's ok now. In fact, she goes into her cage quite willingly. Now the door's open and she just went in for a snooze.
BTW, she refuses to eat steamed chicken. She wants canned fish, though.

Anonymous said...

That is so good to hear because I was afraid she had been traumatised.

No want chicken ah? Try steamed ayam kampung which taste better. Also try mixing and mashing up the chicken with steamed tenggiri if she refuses. Really must get the little pricess to eat chicken lah because there will be one day where she is gonna need to go on steamed chicken diet, like having diarhea otherwise she will need the expensive canned Hill's I/D.

Siu cheh, dear siu cheh .....

chankahyein said...

Oh, she just had diarrhoea for two days. I fasted her, and gave her chicken soup (she refused to eat the steamed chicken and the Hill's ID). So, she had to fast and drink chicken soup only. She recovered after two days. But during the two days, there was no decrese in her mischievous ways. And no lack of energy either. Still creating havoc in the house.

Tumbleweed said...

Hi Kah Yein,

Your blog about Suki destroying the fan is cute. You are lucky. My cat destroyed our brand new LCD TV. She used her claws and scratched the TV.... Apparently, she was chasing after images on the TV.

Anyway, we still love her very much even after what she did.

chankahyein said...

Hi Tumbleweed - oh wow, that's definitely greater damage. Suki still reigns as princess in the house and so far, everyone dotes on her! Nobody dares bully her (can anyone?)

Anonymous said...

Haha Tumbleweed !!!Did you manage to capture it all on video? Might win you some prize as funniest or most watched cat video of the year, the $$ of which you can use to buy a brand new unit ... hahahaha!!!!!

Suki can win the next best video prize, the $$ of which can help fund Mama's rescue heart passion .... hahahaha!!!!!