Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Urgently required - fosterer for Sean

Sean is one of the two dogs with distemper (from the Klang rescue).  The other is Tara and my parents have adopted her, and is nursing her now. 

Sean is presently boarding at a clinic, but the clinic has told me they would like Sean to be discharged after three days' treatment (today is the third day).  I found a fosterer for Sean yesterday, but he just told me "no" a few minutes ago.  Looks like he has changed his mind.    

Please help me look for a fosterer for Sean.  It should ideally be a home without any other dog.  The fosterer needs to feed Sean, give him his medicines, and make him feel he is loved (I believe this helps tremendously in boosting recovery).  

Many vets would say recovery from distemper is very slim and they recommend euthanasia.  But our panel vet has seen enough cases and he says the chances of recovery for local breed is good (one even recovered after having gone into the seizure stage).  So has Wani - she says some puppies tested positive for distemper recover without even displaying any symptoms.  

I want to give Sean a chance, but I need your help.

Please help me look for a fosterer for Sean.

Thank you. 

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