Saturday, December 26, 2009

Visiting Tara

We visited Tara this evening.  She seemed very quiet and calm.  Mum said her appetite has not been too good.  I brought a new type of antibiotic for her. 

Hi Tara!

I fed her her medicines and she obediently took of all it without making any fuss.  She is incredibly obedient.  Mum says she has learnt to only do her business in one particular spot that is easy to clean.  And she never dirties her cage. 

Mum thinks she had just given birth as her teats are very enlarged.  Poor Tara.  She must have been separated from her puppies and that may be why she seems very depressed. 

She snuggled up onto my lap and I held her for more than half an hour, chanting softly to her.  Occasionally, she would look up at me, with "that look". 

There was no nasal discharge this evening.  But she seemed very quiet and tired. 

Get well soon, Tara. 

Let's all send her positive healing energy. 

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