Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tara's progress

I visited Tara at my parents' home today.  She was very happy to see me at the gate and wagged her tail excitedly.

Mum says she is starting to be "naughty" and bites her teeth tightly when mum tries to feed her medicine. 

I brought chicken for Tara today, enough supply to last for a few days. 

We let Tara out and she went under the car to sleep. 

Mum says her teats have shrunk a little now.  We suspect she had just given birth recently.  Poor thing.

Tara still has a bit of cough, and is under medication. 

Get well soon, Tara.

Out of the eight brought back, I guess Tara is the luckiest - she has a home now, with my parents, and they love her to bits. 

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