Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Suki gets to climb a tree...finally!

Suki had been itching to climb a tree for some time now.  Every kitten must go through this stage, otherwise, something would be missing from their kittenhood.

So off she went this morning, under strict camera supervision....

Up, up and away!



Higher up...

Under the ever-watchful eye of none other than good old Indy Jones

Time to get down now

Wait...what's that noise over there?

Come down, Suki!



Anonymous said...

Spider kitten? No, Mama, actually I am decended from a pure bred Norwegian Forest Kitty who fell in love with a longkang cat (hence my ordinary looks) and got disowned .... NFs can climb nose-down a tree wan .... hehehehheeeeee!!!!

YenLing said...

Oh Suki ... {{{HUGS}}}

Thanks Dr. Chan for the pictures.

So happy and proud to see her alive and well and kicking and now jumping!

I will never forget how frail she was by the longkang side...and look at her now =)

May I seek your permission to save some of her pics and post it up on FB?

chankahyein said...

Sure thing, Yen Ling. Go right ahead. Suki will also be featured in my next book. She'll be in Joanie's and Vixey's stories.