Sunday, December 27, 2009

Naughty, naughty Suki

Suki gave everyone a fright today.  She slipped past me when I opened the front door and made a beeline for the gate, went out to the road, and went under the neighbour's car. 

When I raised the alarm, Indy came rushing out, followed closely by Cleo, Cow, Bunny and Tiger.  Pole was watching from afar.

Soon, we had one human (me) and five cats trying to corner one little kitten (Suki), and we spent a good fifteen minutes unsuccessfully doing so until she slipped past all of us and went to the opposite neighbour's porch. 

I had to ring the house to get Ming-Yi to bring the feather out as I could not leave her alone outside, even though the five adult cats were watching out for her.

But Suki didn't fall for the feather this time, so we still could not get her to come back.

Finally, we caught her.

We brought her back and put her in jail immediately.  She made a "pitiful plea" to Jia-Wen, but we refused to let her out. 

Now, she is fast asleep, probably all tired out of complaining.

She has been having diarrhoea since yesterday, and is on a partial fast. 

Cow came back just now, with two injuries (again).  I don't know who fought with him.  I dressed his wounds with iodine and he's now sleeping on the sofa.

Life is never boring...

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Anonymous said...

Heheheee .... you know, KY, funny as it may seem, my cats have a way of knowing my true intentions when I approach them i.e. when I want to catch them and put them where they do not want to go (like back into the cage, room or house) or do something to them which they do not like (like giving medication or a bath!) .... they do not let me get within 10 feet of them and inch away coyly, playing hard to get.

However, if I want to catch them to cuddle them, or give them the much coveted prize of lying on my chest or stomach as I take a nap on the couch, they leap towards me eagerly, tail held stiffly vertical and quivering, purring away like a huge noisy engine!

Hmmmmm ... must be the colors in my aura giving the whole game away ....

Warm wishes,