Monday, December 7, 2009

Suki is going for spaying today

Our little Suki is about 5 months old now, so I've made an apppointment for her spaying this morning, at 11am. 

That's Suki, mischievous as ever, as all kittens ought to be!

She started the day (after complaining about having no food - needs to be fasted for the spaying afterwards) by doing a coup de tat on Tiger.

She succeeded, of course, and poor Tiger had to come down and get into his baby basket.

Then, Bobby pushed open the window for her, and out she went into the garden, with Indy following close behind.

Play, play, play!

I want to climb the tree!

She got to the top of the pillar.  Indy watches over her.

Go away, she tells Indy, this is my tree!

Go, go, go....she chases poor Indy away.

Ok, I'm going back to my tree now.

My tree and my pillar!!

Indy, still watching.

Then, she comes over the disturbs Indy.

Ok, small fry, you asked for it!!

I'll be sending Suki for spaying in about 2 1/2 hours' time.  Sobs...each time any dog or cat is sent for neutering or spaying, I do worry.  Whatever it is, it is still an operation.   

Do please send positive healing energy to Suki - thanks. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, as we all know every operation carries risk however minor, KY, so we shall join hands to pray that God will guide the hands and mind of the vet surgeon and others involved in the procedure, as well as dear Suki and her anxious Mama (you), that God will give you the calmness of heart and that Suki will be safe and recover well.

In loving prayers,