Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Updates on Tara

My mum had been giving me very regular updates on Tara.  A few days ago, we were all worried sick that Tara was going down - she stopped eating and her breathing became laborious. 

Then, mum's friends from Ipoh came a-visiting and Tara had so many (fairy!) godmothers looking after her, cheering her on. 

When Tara refused to eat, we tried everything and failed.  Finally we found out that she liked raw chicken meat (but only the meat, not the neck or liver). 

Mum says Tara is extremely well-behaved.  She is incredibly smart too.  Now, she knows her routine so well, she recognises the plate mum uses to put her medicines and would obediently wait to be given her medicines which she takes without any fight or struggle. 

Today, Tara even ate some kibbles for dinner.  She had sardines and rice for lunch.  She is starting to perk up now, and everyone is cheering her on. 

Mum feeds her four times a day, and spends time talking to her. 

Tara is a really adorable girl.  After going through hell at the pound, rescued and brought to Bentong, diagnosed distemper positive, thought to have had no hope, possibly just deliver her babies and lost them all, she deserves the 5-star treatment she is getting now. 

Get well, and eat up, Tara girl. 

We're all rooting for you!

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