Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Six years ago....

Talking about animal-friendly hotels and resorts, six years ago, in 2003, we participated in a puppy.com event which took us to Port Dickson to an animal-friendly resort, with Mac and Bobby.  The following year, puppy.com had another event in Melaka, also in an animal-friendly resort. 

Here are some photos from the yesteryear event in 2003:

The most memorable event was "The Recall Race", where Bobby was the oldest participant.  Bobby was up against huge dogs, all much younger than him.  Old Bobs was already 7 years old at that time.

Despite running off-course, Bobby came in first!  It was a photo-finish.  Second and third were these two huge and younger dogs.  Actually, Bobby didn't know what was going on.  He just wanted to get to me.  Jia-Wen was on the other side, just psyching him up with "where's mummy? where's mummy??"  And off he ran, just following the sound of my voice.  That won him first prize....which was a beauty bath and (unfortunately) four tickets to a resort in Kuantan which did not allow animals (we never went!).

After the beauty bath, all fluffed up and sweet-smelling, at the prize-giving ceremony the next day.

I never knew dogs could swim instinctively.  Bobby and Mac both swam in the sea, together with the other dogs.  They just took to the water as easily as ducks would!  Of course it was the doggy-paddle for them.

Jia-Wen, Bobby and me - in 2003.


YenLing said...

So nice right? I heart holidays with pet.

Jack come with us whenever we go river treking or a hike. we r kinda worried coz he is small and the river current is fast, so we always have him on leash.

yes, they do swim. even when we pick up Jack from the river, his paws are still engaged paddling...we kinda need to tell him "erm, dude... you are out of water and can stop paddling now" =)

chankahyein said...

Same thing happened with Mac and Bobby too. When we carried them out of the water, they were still paddling. It is an instinctive action.