Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The art of fitting into a small box, Part 3 (we have a winner!)

I spoke too soon!

A vigilante does not give up easily....


 Indy got in!!!


I'm not called Indy Jones for nothing, you know...

mini-PA070522 (2)

Bunny wants a box too?

mini-PA070523 (2)

So I got Bunny a new box, but he went away.

mini-PA070523 (3)

It's not difficult, Tabs. Try it...

mini-PA070522 (3)

My four legs can fit, but I cannot sit.


Well, it's not Fear Factor or the Amazing Race, but Indy did it!

And it looks like he is not coming out of least for now!

Chen shared this video:

And Indy has this to say, in response to the video clip:

Indy in box

I did not tear the box up, I did not flatten the box, I did not fumble, I calculated the dimensions mentally and fitted myself into it with grace and dignity most becoming of my species. So there!

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Chen said...

Clap, clap, clap, clap! You can do it too Tabs.