Friday, October 3, 2014

Bunny's Chinese herbs

Bunny hasn't completely recovered from his bouts of vomiting. He was doing very well in the first 5 days but after that, there was sporadic vomiting again. There is, however, no pattern in the vomiting. It seems to be triggered by eating "too much", but how much is "too much"?

I've consulted two vets and before proceeding to anything too invasive like the barium test or a gastro-intestinal scope (which requires sedation), both of which is to rule out blockage, we decided to try TCM, so Bunny will be starting on Chinese herbs today. The purpose of the herbs is to strengthen his stomach and spleen qi (energy).

I brought Bunny to consult a TCM vet yesterday and from the Chinese medicine perspective, Bunny appears to have a thin and deep pulse (which may also be thin because there are many layers of fat, or it is really thin because he is FIV+, we are not sure). Bunny is yin-deficient (which means, cooling-deficient; his body is "heaty"). Such an imbalance upsets the body and leads to illness.

In short, we are going to try Chinese herbs to strengthen Bunny's stomach and spleen and continuing with the small meals throughout the day. The vet did warn that it may be difficult to feed herbs to a cat.


It's time for my small meal again, please...


Food, please? 

The good doctor says "throughout the day", remember?


He is still his usual self, playing at the Clubhouse after every meal.

He doesn't appear to be sick, so the vomiting remains a mystery.

I'm still hoping it's just a weak or sensitive stomach which can be helped with the Chinese herbs.

mini-20141001_073926 mini-PA020522

After another small meal.


And another small meal.


This is Tabs' special place.


But Bunny wants the editor's chair too.


So Tabs has to sleep here.



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jasmine ong said...

Dear Bunny,

Do get well soon. Lots of love...