Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cleo, from disciplinarian to neo-terrorist


 Believe it or not, Cleo is the new terrorist in Bunny's Place now.

And she is bullying...

mini-Bunny...Bunny Bun Buns.

Poor Bunny...

I think it's her Calico genes. Calicos will find a way to rule, somehow.


At meal times now, I have to sit next to Bunny when he eats.

If not, the moment you turn your back, Cleo would already be eating Bunny's food and Bunny would be walking away, head hung low.

And I've watched how she does it...


Like so.

She stares hard until Bunny walks away.

mini-20141003_192058Or she pretends to be doing something else...but she is actually stalking and intimidating Bunny.

And she always wins.

So I have to sit with Bunny when he eats.

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