Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Patio-4 migrates indoors

This morning Mr G came for breakfast.


 I noticed what the Patio-4 likes a lot, besides the food, is the fresh water. They love drinking it each time I refill the bowl.

 Timmy dwells in the dining room nowadays.

Starry couldn't join the Patio-4 because of Mr G, so he came later and had breakfast inside the house. Daffodil was on hand to see that Starry would be safe (and properly served?).

 Timmy is friends with everyone.

 Rosie too.

 While Rosie and Ginger have other homes to go to, Daffodil and Timmy do not, so they live in the dining room now.

Daffodil loves the bench outside and sits there almost all day. She looks like a little matriarch ruling from her throne!

Timmy has been busy rubbing his scent all over the furniture.

(If only Cow & Bunny would resort to "rubbing their scent" for marking purposes instead of spraying urine!)

 This evening, Ginger kept them company.

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