Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Indy his red cape!!

Ever since Indy started wearing clothes (not for fun, but because he had a lacerated wound on his underside (his chest area) and the only way to prevent him from biting it was to put a tshirt on him), he has been behaving rather he was the big boss!

He struts around showing off his cape (either the yellow rock star one with the smileys or his chili red one) and not once did he even try or want to take them off.

It was like his second skin, so to speak...

The other day, I was outside the room, speaking on the phone and it was a rather long call. Indy was waiting at the grille for me and when I finally came in, he bit me!

Yes, the moment I stepped into the room, he grabbed my leg real hard, clamped it and bit me. Believe me, it was VERY painful but thank goodness I was wearing long pants.

That'll teach you to leave me alone for SO LONG, I could almost hear him say.

Gosh, this is the very first time Indy had ever bitten me...and I blame it totally on the red cape.

Don't disturb me, I'm having my nap... 

Yes, what do you want from me? 

 Changing clothes.

It has to be done really fast because he would start licking and his skin is so tender, the wound would start to bleed again...

...although it has healed very well and is already very small.

(This was taken a few days ago.)

Today's photo...the wound is already very tiny.

Just imagine, it takes SO long for this reasonably minor wound to heal and this is with antibiotics and Vetri DMG. What if street cats had such a wound and no medical aid is given to them?

 Indy grooms himself with the clothes on. He grooms the clothes too.

 And when he has the red cape on, he rules.

Here, he is stalking and watching the outside gang...

What are they doing there? How dare they invade into MY territory??

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Joy E. Saga said...

Indy - you da man! Maybe you should ask your mommy for a frock so you can be a Jedi... oh! Don't forget your light saber too :)