Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh no! Indy is the new spray-king!

Ever since I started using EM to clean up the spray spots, you won't believe this, but Cow's spraying has drastically reduced. This is indeed the first thing that has ever made a difference to Cow's marking sprees.

And so, I was REALLY happy and jumping for joy until....

 Indy started spraying!

Yes, it's confirmed now. Indy has taken over as the new spray-king!

Still, I am not giving up. I'll go on cleaning up his spray spots with EM and see what transpires later.

Here is my theory: With Cow's spray spots all gone, someone has to declare who's boss, so Indy decided he'd take over.

 The previous spray-king is now a spray-pussy.

And this is how cat politics work!

You think you've beaten them? They'll come up with something new!

A picture paints a thousand words!

Do not underestimate the power of EM. It can dethrone a king!


Yen Ling said...

"You think you’ve beaten them? They’ll come up with something new!" - agree!

Indy, the new boss :)

elaine chan said...

Blessed and Happy Chinese New Year to you, your family and all the cats!

BoBo Salem said...

Indy look so innocent soul