Monday, February 4, 2013

Starry released...and comes back!

This morning, Mr G was here for breakfast, but Ginger was missing.

Starry ate heartily.

 He also urinated and looked completely fine.

 He's an absolutely friendly cat.

Ginger soon appeared. He did not want to join the rest in the patio. I think we have a jealousy issue here as Ginger thinks the cage belongs to him. Well, he would, since he spent 2 weeks confined in it when he was bitten by Mr Quack.

 I had to feed Ginger outside in the porch. Of course his mother and sister accompanied him. This is a very close-knit family.

 Mr G watched all the goings-on.

Starry was making a lot of noise, so I decided to release him.


Ginger watched from the pillar.

 Starry going out. Look at those long legs!

Later in the evening...

 Starry called from the roof of the neighbour's house.

 We had to entice him down and got him eating on top of the garbage compartment.

 Everyone else was here too. It was just after dinner for them.

 As Starry came nearer, Rosie wanted to intimidate him.

We had to stop Rosie.

Ginger joined forces with Rosie. We had to mediate. No wars, please.

 Aww...look at that!


 More food, Starry?


 Hello everyone, I'm Timmy. Remember me??

 Mother-and-daughter...a moment to savour.

 More, Starry?

 The family...

And me, me, me!! 

 He's either very hungry or has a great appetite!

This is not his bowl, though. We just grabbed the nearest plastic container to feed him first.

 The Patio-4 had another dinner!
(Indy's watching)

 This would be a familiar sight nowadays - the Patio-4 lives happily in our porch!

Note that Timmy is busy rubbing his under-the-chin scents all over the place. Soon, Ginger and Timmy might rule this place!


Yen Ling said...

Talkative Timmy! Would love to have a chat with him or maybe a discussion someday ;p.

Joy E. Saga said...

Noticed that Starry has the newspaper scratching hobby too!

chankahyein said...

Big time!!

Chen said...

~in sing song voice~

Timmy got a tummy.
Timmy got a tummy.
Timmy got a tummy.


chankahyein said...

At the rate he eats, it's certainly no surprise! :)