Friday, February 8, 2013

Starry's once-a-day visits

Starry comes back for food, but only once a day. And this also depends on whether Mr G is around. Mr G doesn't like Starry. And one of the Patio-4 also does not like's Rosie. Yes, sweet Rosie does not like Starry.

Rosie and Daffodil are very much at home nowadays.

 Ginger prefers the patio.

Timmy is still busy marking his scent all over the furniture.

Starry comes in too, and is a super "manja" cat.

 He craves for attention.


 Ginger and Timmy are okay with the presence of Starry.

Timmy old boy is a nice fella. He's not hostile or territorial.

 Yesterday, for the very first time, Mr G allowed Starry to have breakfast with the rest.

Starry has to eat away from them because Rosie hisses at him and scares him.

 I'm still the boss around here though I am not here all the time.

Don't forget, I lived here long before any of you came.

 Er...he makes himself at home too.

 Daffodil, Ginger and Timmy love sitting on the pillars and enjoying the night air.

I feel a little sad when I see this because this was also a favourite activity of our cats way back in our old house. They loved sitting on the pillars at night and gazing into the night sky.

Our cats don't get to do this anymore because they are now confined in Bunny's Place. Oh well, that's the price you'd have to pay for safety. All the more when there are neighbours here who do not like the presence of cats. There's also the danger of the road. Some sacrifices have to be made for the sake of safety.

 I hope they are happy with the comforts of being indoors.


 They observe the goings-on from the grille.

Or from the grille at the Stargate.

 It's a "mini world" inside here. A safer world.


 Happiness is.....being happy wherever you are in the present moment.

Happiness is....being grateful for whatever good we have in life.

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