Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to pill a Cow (again!)

I must confess it was my mistake to call Cow "Cow", but he was from my first-ever litter of rescued kittens (along with Bunny and Pole), so I did not know what to name them. I wanted to name them "big names" so that they would survive and Cow did have the markings of a typical Australian Jersey Cow.....

By the way, Bunny's first name was Yeti. Along the way, he became "Bunny" and he's turn out to be our largest cat now! Well, so much for names, then.

So, this morning, at 5.30am, I prepared myself for Round One in project "Pilling the Cow".  I have nine rounds in all since the vet had given the first dose at the clinic yesterday to Pussy, I mean, Cow.

The vet did offer me the option of bringing Cow twice daily for the pilling sessions, but "Sunday, you're on your own, by hook or by crook, you've got to give him his medicine", she said.

Yes, I know..... I thought I wouldn't need to take up her kind offer since I had devised a near fool-proof method the last round, ie. by using the vertically propped up carrier. It works, very simply, this way, but it has to be done REALLY fast: Prop up the carrier vertically, grab the Cow, plonk him in, squeeze open his jaw, plonk the pill in, close his mouth, rub neck vigorously until tongue comes out. That's it....

And this time, I was more confident, because I figured he was sick enough as of last night, so maybe, just maybe, he'd comply and be good. Whenever Cow is sick (or thinks he is), he will go upstairs and sleep on my son's bed. We call it "Cow's Hospital Bed". Cow did that last night. He is as hypochondriac as they come.

So, this morning, after breakfast, I tried....

Er...I was completely wrong.

Cow fought tooth and nail....again. Looks like he had made an instant recovery?

So, it's the vertical carrier trick to the rescue....

Ding, ding, ding....Round One goes to me!!
The photo above shows Cow being rewarded with Fussie Cat AFTER the pilling session.

I'm sick. Do not disturb.

If you're game for a very good laugh, click on this classic:

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