Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grooming Bobby

We had been grooming Bobby on our own (with scissors) for the entire duration of his life. However, ever since he became blind, he's been very afraid of the sound of the scissors so we had not been able to groom him lately.
A few days ago, I spoke with a groomer who had had more than 10 years experience in grooming dogs. He said I could bring Bobby to his shop and he would access to see if Bobby was "groom-able".
So the appointment was made for yesterday and I brought Bobby over to his shop. He let Bobby roam around for 15 minutes in the grooming room. He had earlier told me that if Bobby does not drool saliva, it ought to be okay.
Bobby was okay in the room; excitedly sniffing everywhere, but I was also in the room with him.
The groomer then asked me to wait outside so that he could start with Bobby. I could watch from the glass partition.
That's when the trouble started. Bobby refused to cooperate and kept looking for a way out of the room.  After about ten minutes of trying to calm him down, the groomer came out and said he would rather not groom Bobby for fear it could induce a heart failure.  He said he and his assistants could hold Bobby down, but he wouldn't risk it with such an old dog.
The previous groomer who was my friend, also said the same thing, and Bobby wasn't even blind yet, at that time. Apparently, Bobby started hyperventilating at her house, so she quickly brought Bobby back to me, and all was well.
Anyway, this groomer yesterday suggested that we bought a clipper instead and do it ourselves.
This is the clipper. It has a rechargeable battery so we won't need to use those AA or AAA batteries and pollute the environment. It comes with those usual comb-like attachments.
We tried it and found that for Bobby, it was better without any of the attachments.
The result?
Well...it's our first time using the clipper so you can't possibly expect anything that nice....
But we're happy and Bobby didn't mind it at all. Shh...don't tell him a few places are quite bald (oops!).

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