Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I only managed to get Cow

Cow has been very obedient lately, and it was no problem at all plonking him into the carrier. In fact, he even walked right in.
Bunny was sitting on the pillar at Mac's place, but the back door was jammed. Sigh... I kept calling him in, and he just looked at me and gave me that "knowing" look, as though saying, "Yes? You talking to me?".
I gave up after trying on the door for 10 minutes as Cow was waiting inside the carrier.
Saved by a jammed door!
So, Cow and I drove to the clinic. Traffic was bad by then.
Surprisingly, Cow did not protest as much.
As you know, Cow is alpha at home but a total pussy at the clinic.
The vet said he is the calmest of all my cats...so far.
Everything's fine except for a bit too much wax in the ear that was infected the last time. Cow has maintained his previous weight, so that's good.  Anyway, he too is obese (like Tiger). Have to lost some weight, Cow. Being overweight is not good.
Cow was vaccinated as well.
Tomorrow will be Bunny's turn and I'm done for the year.
2014 - repeat the process again!
I opt for the 3-yearly vaccinations.  It's a personal choice, based on needs.

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