Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rex, Foxy and Honeybear (the Sunny Kittens)!

Rozita Halim sent these photos two days ago....

It's Rex and Foxy, two of the Sunny Kittens whom I fosterered earlier this year.

My, my, look at how much they have grown! And, how beautiful their coat is, too. 

Where is Honeybear??

Rozita only managed to take his photo yesterday as he's always moving around!

Here's THE Bear!!


nurulsulzali said...

my kenit same age with them but more bigger! almost 3 kg!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Rozita, I know you feed all your cats with RC dryfood food, but can you share with us what 'flavor' of RC dryfood you feed them? Thx!

rozitahalim said...

Dear Anonymous - My furries are on RC Hair & Skin mixed with RC Kitten and Avoderm. The portion of RC Kitten and Avoderm will be lesser then RC Hair.

Every Sunday for bfast it will be rice with boiled mackerel / chicken wings :D

m.q said...

the Sunnies!!! i do miss them :)