Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Indy and his silvervine twigs

 Indy has been playing with his ultraman catnip pillow occasionally. As Bin (the maker of these toys: http://www.sillylupie.com/) explained, they don't play with it all the time. They have to "reset" before they go high over it again. 

This morning, he had a high moment with his silvervine twigs.

The twigs, the ultraman catnip pillow and another sachet of dried catnip leaves are gifts from Joy E. Saga to Indy. Thanks, Joy!

You can get your catnip toys from Bin of 
http://www.sillylupie.com/. Go to her website and take a look at some of the happy cats over there, playing with their catnip toys, especially those from the Ipoh SPCA.

By the way, the Ipoh SPCA is a no-kill shelter. Kudos to them! I was told every SPCA functions independently and has its own mode of operation.

Here's an idea, besides buying food for shelter animals, you could consider buying them some toys to play with too. Catnip toys for shelter cats? 

Yups, Indy loves his gifts.

I honestly don't know why he goes all crazy over those twigs, Bunny seems to be saying...

Surprisingly, only Indy goes crazy over his toys. The rest might sniff at it, and that's about it. I tried it on Pole and she ran away!

Indy is really back home for good nowadays.

 The porch is Indy's again. Or rather, the car top belongs to Indy again now, and Cleo takes the driveway.
By the way, that's my new car. It's a MyVi. 

I traded in my trusty 8-year old Kelisa...
(Bye, car...you have served AnimalCare and me well.)
(yes, there's been a lot of hubcap thefts in the Klang Valley lately, and it's targetted at Kelisas and Kancils. The thieves only take ONE hubcap.)

...for a 1.3 MyVi, because I need a bigger space to carry stuff for events and the MyVi's backseats can be flattened and you could put a whole 2x3 cage in. 


Erica said...

Congratulation! For both Indy & new car.

Joy E. Saga said...

You're very welcome Kah Yein :-)

The Shelters will always need old newspaper, old towels / clothes that you don't need anymore, bowls (for water and food) perhaps pails / plastic brooms / small boxes for kittens to play in / litter boxes that you don't need anymore ~ anything that you need for your dogs / cats.

Those are some ideas that you can give to the shelter. You don't need to buy it - just give those that you don't need anymore - provided that it is still in good condition.

I go every Sunday with the hopes of improving the cattery and little by little there is improvement. My dream is that one day, the shelter is such a lovely place that children can come visit and play with the animals so that once in awhile, these abandoned pets can enjoy a little TLC that they once had.

Have a great week everyone!

P/s It's Flu season in ISPCA - so I'm getting desperate as the kittens / cats are dying. I've managed to convince a Vet to come in this Wed to vaccinate them and look to those who are ill. The cronic cases I've rushed them for drips and injection (hence my Hari Raya holiday was spent at the cattery) - but even that I lost 3 kittens last weekend. Very taxing for me emotionally but I've managed to rescue 3 kittens. 2 have recovered, another still struggling.

So people, do vaccinate your kittens to build up their immune system. Those at ISPCA were probably not so hence the epidemic.

Why do people abandon their pets? Why?

Anonymous said...

i've seen a car without all 4 tires. it was propped up using bricks. poor owner.

we lost a drain cover too. we didnt even realise until my neighbour pointed it out. when we got a new one, my dad had it bolted down.