Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What happened, Cow?

Two nights ago, I found sitting under the car and he looked quite badly beaten up.  I quickly took him in and found nasty-looking bruises around his head area.  There was quite a bit of blood too.  We suspect it's the ginger cat, the new intruder in the neighbourhood. 

Cow, being Cow, is not easy to manage, especially when his ego has been affected, so it took me quite a while before I could clean him up and quickly apply some iodine on the bruises.  It did not look that bad, actually, but I was worried it would become infected and develop into a soft lump later (formation of pus).  With Bunny last time, it happened the very next day and he had a fever (Cow attacked Bunny!).  Bunny had to undergo sedation to have the pus drained out.  And after that, it was a nightmare for me, having to give him the full course of antibiotics. 

The night of the attack.  Cow went up to the landing of the staircase and sat all by himself. 

He was still eating, so that was good.  But he really smelt!  What a pong!  Maybe the fight occurred inside the drains.  Notice that bit of swelling on the cheeks? 

The next day...Off to the vet's, Cow!  Can't take any chances.

The vet shaved off his hair to check where all the bite marks were.  Thank goodness, they were not too serious.  Just needed cleaning and application of iodine.  But there is one bruise I need to monitor.  The swelling, according to the vet, was due at the lymph node. 

Cow came home and the first to welcome him was....Bobby!!  They even touched noses (ah...I missed that shot!)

Bobby stayed with Cow to ensure he was alright. 

Don't worry, I'll be okay.

Cow, as alpha as he is, can be a real pussy whenever he is injured.  We think he is also slightly hypochondriac. 

He stayed by me all day.

This morning's photo - the two best friends.

Cow has this funny way of sitting.  He stretches out his hind legs.  He's been like that since young.  My children call it the "fish pose". 

I think Cow should be okay. 

By the way, this was a "new" vet who had attended to Cow.  "New" as in "I've never met him before", as the clinic had recently been taken over by a new management.  But whoosh...I learnt SO much about cats from him.  Hang on...will share it with all of you later. 

He's one of the best vets I've ever met!

Got to go to work now! 
Have a nice day. 

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Devi Narayanan said...

Cute way of relaxing, just like a doggie. Poor Cow, get well soon.