Saturday, April 30, 2011

Visiting Wii


Long story cut short, Wii's adoption did not quite work out, so Roselin has taken Wii back to her house. 

I went to visit Wii today, with 8 cans of Fussie Cat in tow.  Roselin says Wii is having problems adjusting back to eating kibbles as his adopter had only given him canned food. 

As I was driving to Roselin's, I did wonder if Wii would remember's been 8 months.  I know dogs will remember for life, but do cats remember too?  I really didn't know because my experience with cats has only been for 5 years. 

As I stepped into the kitchen where Wii was, he saw me and started mewing!  Then, I went near and Wii came towards me and let me cuddle him.  He even touched noses with me!

YES, Wii remembers me....!!

Roselin says Wii had not mewed ever since returning to her house.  Cats mew when they want to communicate. 

Yes, Wii...I hear you.  I may not understand exactly what you want to say, but I hear you, and you are safe in Aunty Roselin's house. 

Wii jumping down to nuzzle at my leg.

Wii letting me rub his belly.

Wii has put on weight too.  Apparently, he is pampered to the core at this adopter's house and he is the only cat (which is exactly what Wii wants, based on his personality).  Wii gets to sleep on the bed and gets showers every week, an even wears cat clothes.  But, the adopter goes overseas for long periods of time and there is no permanent babysitter for Wii.  So Roselin thought it's better Wii comes back to her.

Hey, Wii....!!  It felt so nice holding Wii after so long. 

Wii had been with me for 3 years before I had to rehome him because Wii loved the back alley, but my back neighbour could not stand his mewing and he would throw things at him and shout obscenities at Wii every day.  I was so afraid he would harm Wii one day. 

Roselin says one of her cat-loving friends is very interested in adopting Wii.  Wii will be the only pet (Wii can't seem to get along with other cats, it's his personality).  I trust Roselin will do the best for Wii.  Worse come to worst, Roselin doesn't mind letting Wii stay on in her house though she currently has 14 cats.

I wish I could bring Wii home as well, but Wii is terrified of Cow and Bunny and would exile himself to be back alley again, and my back neighbour.....sigh.

Sometimes it's so hard when we live in a linked house with insufficient space.  That is why I dare not adopt anymore.


Anonymous said...

My, Wii has grown fatter!!

He is so handsome.

Devi Narayanan said...

Oh, so lovely. I feel like cuddling him too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course the cat remembers you! He loves you too and you can be sure that he missed you a lot, that is why he mewed the moment he sensed your presence. He was overjoyed.

If you want to take Wii back, you could confine him to the 1st floor of your house, and believe me, he would definitely be happy about it. I do not think that he really prefered your back alley, he stayed there because of your dominant Cow and Bunny who had laid claim over your house and refused to share the territory with him for some reason. Tak kamceng loh ... tak sama key sometimes these guys, just like we humans ...

Or let him continue to stay with Roselin. Better not move him too much, I fear it may come to grief one day .... touch wood!