Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On guard...!!

Remember the ginger cat who trespassed into my house the other day?  Well, the next day, all my cats were on full alert....

Indy at the frontlines...


Thirdliner?  No, no...Bunny's curious about something else...

Cow thought he should look after Bobby instead.

Cleo...watching from the porch.

I'm not afraid, I will keep watch too...

Indy decided he would have a better view up on the pillar.   It's safer too.

Bunny still keeping watch.

Cow took over the watch-post later, so Bunny took over Cow's task of leading Bobby to his foodbowl (Bobby is blind).

Eat up, Bobby!

Yes, yum yum...

BUNNY!!!  That's stealing!

Okay, okay...I'll be good.  I'll just sit.

However, last night, Cow had a big fight with the ginger cat and came home all battered.  Story later....(it's late now), but he's okay.  Don't worry. 

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