Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A tale of two squirrels

I had wanted to write about the two squirrels who come to my house for food a few times a day, but hadn't found time to do it all these months!  

Initially (and that's months ago), it was just one squirrel.  He would come in every day after the cats have eaten and eat all the left-over catfood.  

And boy, what a noise!  I never knew squirrels chewed so loudly!!  You could hear him chew "krak, krak, krak!" in the kitchen from the living room!

Then, one day, interestingly, he brought a friend.

The friend was afraid to come into the kitchen initially, so he would stay in the back area while the brave squirrel (the resident one) would come into the kitchen and take some food in its mouth to give to the one that would be waiting in the back area!  

So sweet, right?

Recently, both squirrels started coming in.  And I've noticed they've grown very fat too.  What with eating catfood so many times day, who wouldn't be fat, right?  

My cats are okay with them.  The squirrels sometimes come into the house to play too.  And once in a while, they leave tell-tale signs...ha ha.  Poo and pee, but not often.  

The other day, I had two combs of bananas in my kitchen.  One from a local place and one from Meiji's farm.  Believe it or not, the squirrels came in, sniffed at both, and went for Meiji's (organic!) bananas.  Ate up two at one go too!  The other comb of bananas was left intact!  Smart squirrels!  They know the good stuff.  

These are some photos I took during Chinese New Year.


Yum, yum...bananas!

Can I reach?

Not quite...push the container nearer....

Aha...yes!  Chomp, chomp!

That's me!

And me again, eating the catfood.



p.wolf said...

hahaha nice~

Devi Narayanan said...

Oh, great to know you feed squirrels as well apart from your own babies, err, I mean your pets.

Wow, they are so friendly and roam in your kitchen too? Real smart squirrels they are.