Saturday, April 30, 2011

The custodians of the AnimalCare tshirts

Our new stock of 400 tshirts arrived a few days ago.  Despite the new arrivals, we are completely out of Sports 36 and almost all out of Child 32, but we have the other sizes, hopefully enough for the Wesak celebrations.

The chief custodian of the AnimalCare tshirts at work.

Can I help too, asks Indy.

Currently, we have enough manpower, says Bobby. 
We'll call you if we need your help.

Eh...Bunny, you are sleeping on the job!

WHO says I'm sleeping???

I created this sentry post for Tiger and he loves it!
Now, HE is sleeping on the job?

Some of our pre-orders.  We even have Afiq, coming all the way from Johor today, to collect his tshirts.

We are extremely grateful to all of you for supporting us in our tshirt sales.  It has now become our main source of funds.  Any festive occasion coming up?  Mother's Day?  Wesak?  Birthdays?  Would you like to purchase our tshirts as gifts for your loved ones?  Support and spread the message of kindness to animals, it'll be a lovely and most appropriate way to celebrate any happy occasion.   

Thank you for the support!

                                       Thank you!

P.S.  The black tshirts are coming end of next week!!!

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