Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of catfights and back lane neighbours

This afternoon, I heard my back neighbour shouting at the top of his voice again.  He and his family hates cats (and dogs, and I guess, all animals).  And he was the reason I had to get Wii adopted last year. 

From the sounds of it, a cat must have gone into his kitchen again and he was very ferociously shooing the cat out.  I quickly checked - it wasn't any of my cats.  Phew!

I was worried that it might have been little Pixie.  Pixie is this little black cat who comes often to sit in the back lane under a shady tree, to accompany two poor branded cats who are caged for life in their owner's house.  The poor cats used to cry a lot every day until they more or less settled on their "life imprisonment". 

So, little Pixie (bless his kind heart) would come almost every afternoon and sit on the stone slab to keep these cats company.  Whenever I see him, I would give him some catfood as a snack. 

Anyway, later in the evening, I saw Pixie and gave him some food.  I think Pixie has a home somewhere down the lane.  He looks well-fed. 

Just now, I heard the sound of an impending catfight right behind my house in the back lane.  Oh no, is it little Pixie? 

I quickly went to check and saw two LARGE smoky-coloured cats, engaging in a stand-off.  They were huge!  New cats on the block? 

Grabbed the camera and opened the back door.  They saw me and ran away.  Guess that broke up the fight. 

You see the shiny eyes?  That's them.  

Bunny at the frontlines, in case his help is needed.

Cow...second line.  It's safer inside the kitchen.
After all, he's still healing from his previous injuries, from his encounter with the ginger cat. 

And Tiger, radiating kind thoughts to the two cats...
Hatred will not cease by hatred, only by love.
Love thy neighbour as thyself...


Anonymous said...

Bunny, Cow and Tiger are so loving...

Anonymous said...

Humanise not me, you kind human! Hahaha!