Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5am - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Ahh..they don't make movies like they used to anymore these days.  People my age might remember the highly entertaining "Breakfast at Tiffany's", starring the legendary English Rose (and my favourite actress!), Audrey Hepburn, where she portrayed the delightful but slightly neurotic Holly Golightly. 

Talking about neurotic people, I hear there are lots of them these days.  My friends, Jeen and Theresa, were telling me about such cases on our trip to Raub the other day, but never mind...I don't think you'd want to hear about those!

I think it must be our highly stressed-out lifestyle that causes people to be very unhappy these days and they take it out on others, especially if they can do so under a cloak of anonymity. 

Well, never mind about them.  What they do is their problem.  Not ours. 

This morning, Cleo's internal alarm clock went awry and she started waking me up at 4am.  Gosh, it's only 4am, Cleo, but she would not take "no" for an answer, so there she went bleating till no end until I got up.  (Cleo doesn't mew, she really bleats like a little goat.)

Coindentally, my husband had an early flight and had to leave the house early anyway.  I think Cleo knew this. 

She has this uncanny knack of knowing such things.  Call it feline sixth sense or whatever, but she knows.

So, I too had to get up, and it's downstairs for....Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Bunny and Tiger eat first.


Cow has to guide Bobby to his food and be the connoisseur (or opportunist!)

By the way, for cat-owners who use the small canned Fussie Cat, they have the big can now.  But I was told it's of a different standard compared to the small can (which is very pricey!).  A few of my cats like this as a treat. 

Cleo, the ever-so-prim-and-proper-and-fussy little Calico. 
For breakfast, she has to take either raw chicken breast-meat (with the skin) or Fussie Cat.  Nothing else.  What a fussie-little fusspot!

Bobby now eats, after Cow has certified the food is safe for canine consumption.

A satisfied customer leaves the kitchen.
Finger-lickin' good? 

Another satisfied customer...

After ensuring Bobby is already eating, Cow eats his own food.
This is the Standard Operating Procedure for every meal. 
If the connoisseur does not test the food first, the dog doesn't eat!

I'm not done yet, I'm still hungry.
(That's why Tiger is so fat!)

A satisfied customer (Bunny) returns for a second round.
He doesn't mind left-overs, he's a real easy-going guy. 
(Not neurotic!)

I'm done.

Don't let those eyes deceive you, please.  Tiger's the most gentle cat I've seen all my life.  When attacked by Cow and Bunny, he'd stay in a corner and close his eyes ("if I cannot see you, maybe you won't be able to see me too?")

Indy has this habit of going out to the middle of the road in the early mornings.
Come back, Indy!

You called?

And Cleo searches for her mother, Pole.

Cleo is such a bossy little cat with everyone EXCEPT her mum, Pole.  She simply adores her...but Pole doesn't quite like Cleo.  Poor little Cleo.

Pole comes back for breakfast.

She doesn't like any other food but kibbles though she roams outside.  Maybe she's had enough of "outside food"?  So she wants kibbles at Tiffany's?

After cleaning up Bobby's pee and poo (at age 15 and being blind, he now does it everywhere in the house...poor Bobby, it's old age - will happen to use too, one day, if we get there, that is.), my work is done.

And now, I can have some breakfast...

It's just oats, walnuts and almonds to last me until lunch.  Need 'em brain food to teach calculus at work.

And...the lion shall lay down with the lamb,

And there will be peace on earth.


mettacats said...

There is a difference in quality between the big and small cans of Fussie cat.

Cathy said...

Good Morning Dr Tiffany! :p

I bought the big Fussie Cat for my two and they didn't like it. Small Fussie Cat is still their favourite!

m.q said...

what an exciting morning routine
my cat also wakes me up at 4.00am just to refill his bowl

farah said...

Cow reminds me of the story where the minion will taste the King's food for poison ;)

he's such a sweetheart!