Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Venturing out to the kitchen and making kitty-milestones

The Sunny Kittens have now begun to venture out to the kitchen area on their own (except little Honeybear who still prefers to stay in the room!).  They also are able to urinate on their own, but I still stimulate them for pee and poo.  Rex and Fox can suck milk from the bottle now.  Honeybear bites the teat, so he still needs to be syringe-fed.  In fact, syringe-feeding is so much faster and easier, so I've resorted to that!



 I worship toes....(Rex)

 Drinking from the bottle.

 It's faster using the syringe.

 Rex and Fox venture out....

 I'm safer with Bobby.

They all love Bobby!

I've lost count of how many kittens Bobby has helped foster in the last five years.  Let's see....Cow, Bunny, Pole, Tiger, Pans, Wolf, Cleo, Vixey, Wii, Indy, Kimba, Creamie, Crackers, the 5 Orange Kittens, Felix, Joanie, Suki, Babykit, Prince, Simba, Bobtail, Teddy, Bandit, Xiao Li, Peanut, Butter and Jelly, and now...Rex, Fox, Honeybear.

 Good old Uncle Bobby!

He may appear to be sleeping all the time and he is blind, 
but he sure knows what is going on.


m.q said...

i really do loves Bobby alot!!! he is really good in helping friends!!
way to go dear Bobby

Anonymous said...

Three cheers to Uncle Bobby.

What a gentle and loving dog he is.

ManekiNeko said...

I do love to see photos of dogs who are so gentle with cats. Thank you for posting!

sI tEDI said...

we love uncle Bobby!!!!

Devi Narayanan said...

The Sunny kitten reminds me of my own 21 cats during their childhood (err, kittyhood)stage.