Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ming-Yi graduates!

Allow a mother a small indulgence to tell a non-animal related story today...after all, this is a blog :)) and a blogger gets to write anything she likes.

Today is Ming-Yi's convocation at the International Medical University.

Winnie the Pooh was one of the first toys we bought for Ming-Yi when she was a baby (that bear is just so philosophical and brilliant in simplicity) so I thought I should get her a Winnie the Pooh graduate bear for today.
Hmmm.....we have a dog case coming in today.  Puspa is bringing in one of the Rawang dogs.... AnimalCare work has no public holidays, no weekends, no annual leave.

Here's Ming-Yi, all robed and ready to go...

In her graduating class of 106 pharmacists, there are two whom the Dean specially "saluted" (in his own words).  One is this girl in the wheel-chair and another is a cancer patient who is visually-impaired.  Her mother guided her up the stage to receive her degree.  Ming-Yi said since this girl could not read (she could not see), her classmates read everything to her.  Amazing tenacity....   

106 new pharmacists...ready to go out there and serve the community.

The parents and some of the lecturers.

A moment to cherish for a lifetime.
(Photo taken by Ming-Yi's lecturer)


They say that once your children have graduated, one phase of your life is "over" and thus, begins another phase...

Both of mine now have, but I don't see it as any phase being "over".  Once a mother, always a mother, and they will always be your children!  


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ming-Yi on your success!!

You must be extremely happy and your mum must be very proud of you.

Karmen said...

Congrats Ming yi! All the best in your future undertakings.

Devi Narayanan said...

Congratulations Jr Kah Yein. Wish you all the best.

AnimalCare work has no public holidays, no weekends, no annual leave.

Yes, true indeed, but remember, you have a throne in everyone's heart (including the 4-legged) for your noble deed.

km-y said...

thank you!