Thursday, May 26, 2011

Honeybear seems better today

I fed the threesome this morning before going off the work.  They were asleep when I left for college.

By the time I got home at almost 1pm, all three were still sleeping. 

Then, they woke up and from 1pm till now, I have not stopped feeding them!  Not continously, of course.  Overfeeding, I was told, is more dangerous than under-feeding, the former can lead to diarrhoea and diarrhoea in kittens is a total nightmare. 

Rex and Fox have been mewing for milk every one hour or so, so I've been giving them small amounts on demand.  Honeybear gets some, too, each time. 

Rex and Fox want to play with Bobby.

Honeybear still likes the carrier.

Is that adorable or what?

CP sent a text message saying her son, Jen Kynn, wanted to come see the kittens.  So mother-and-son came over at 2.30pm.  Their whole family had read all my books and from then on, had decided they too should play their part in caring for the stray animals (particularly, cats) on their street.  From being someone who was so afraid of animals and doesn't even dare touch them, CP is now the proud adopter of Mimi, Manja and Didi (street cats, all spayed-neutered).  I'm proud to call CP my friend!  Her two boys and her husband, Lim, also help out.  In fact, CP is very much guided by her two boys who know everything that's written in my books. 

Trust children....they know more than us.

Jen Kynn with Fox.

Honeybear came out to greet the visitors. 

CP was completely enchanted by Honeybear. 

Jen Kynn with Rex.

He loves kittens.

Rex seemed to like CP a lot!

Find me a word cuter than "cute", please?

You're cute also, Fox.

Rex wants to be friends with Bobby.

Honeybear wants to lie on my lap.  For the warmth, I think.

That's what he does after every meal.

I spoke the our panel vet this afternoon when I went over to buy more milk (the threesome have almost finished one packet!).  She was very concerned about Honeybear's fits.  8 seizures last night - that's a lot, she said.  When a seizure occurs, there is no oxygen going to be brain and it could lead to brain damage.  She would worry if a dog has a seizure of 20 seconds. 

I think I don't really know how long Honeybear's seizures are - it just "seemed" so long when it's happening.  Perhaps it was less than 30 seconds. 

Coincidentally, I also have  history of seizures.  I suppose then, that's not so scary...since I've had them, too.  (I don't think my brain is damaged!)

Now, all three are sleeping....and I'm watching American Idol.

My favourite is Scotty McCreery.  



Su Ann said...

hey kah yein, it's su ann here... are the kittens old enough to eat solid food yet? i once had fosters who looked around the same age, and they were OK with eating canned food mixed with a lot of water, and warmed in the microwaved. maybe the two stronger ones would be able to start eating that already! it's definitely less work than feeding milk =D

chankahyein said...

They are only 2-3 weeks old, and hence, their intestines are not mature enough to eat solid food.

I'm ok with feeding milk - no worries.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for you to video tape the milk feeding session of one of the kittens and post it in your blog?

It will be very educational and will teach rescuers how to feed young kittens.