Friday, May 27, 2011

My O Sole Mio Kitties

O Sole Mio means "The Sun" (I hope I got that right!).

Here are some photo updates on my Sunny Kitties....

I've been concerned about their not having pooped, but the vet assures me it's ok even if they don't poop for one week if they are on milk alone.  But she did ask me to check if they have an anus.  ???  You mean, some kittens don't have an anus, I asked. 

Gosh....I never knew that.....

So, the sunny kitties had not pooped ever since coming to me. 

But the sun shines, even at night, see........

A ray of sunshine....from Fox, last night.

Followed by more golden goldies as I stimulated her privates and massaged her tummy.


I'm still quite concerned about Honeybear.  He's very quiet and he doesn't seem to know the direction of the door of the carrier.  We'll observe him as he goes along. I think (I'm just guessing) he could be premature, hence, he's not quite properly developed yet.  But I'm just guessing. 

But there has been progress.  From seizures to no-more-seizures.  From not-being-able-to-suck to being-able-to-suck.  These are all milestones of improvement. 

Hey, hey...that's our milk.

When I'm bigger, I'll drink this myself, ok?  Then, you don't have to syring-feed us anymore.

Today's golden goodies from Rex!!
Nice and well-formed.  The milk is right. 

So now, we wait for golden goodies from Honeybear.

Yay....time to play!

All want to lie on my lap after milk.


Honeybear playing today.  Or rather, it's his siblings inviting him to play.

A little kitty-wrestling.... 

These (so far) are undoubtedly the most obedient kittens I've ever fostered.  They go back into the carrier after they are done exploring the room and they actually go to sleep without a fuss.

The sun is shining....

O Sole Mio!

I've got to go to work now.......bye!


m.q said...

cute kitties....i'm sure Bobby is busy fostering them.rite? heheh

nurul hidayah said...

hye dr chan.. i nurul yang mahu jaga that kittens (already called u).. i am so happy that honeybear was ok rather than before...hope by next friday or early saturday morning i can take that lovely babies...

chankahyein said...

Hi Nurul, you want to foster or adopt?

We're looking for adopters now.