Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Sunny Kittens on a Sunday

Here's some photo updates:

Still as obedient as ever...sleeping after a meal and after playtime.


Rex and Fox love to play with Bobby.

Rex has a penchant for Bobby's tail.

The seal-pup-baby-polar-bear....Honeybear! 

Rex loves exploring in the room.

Honeybear still likes to sleep quite a bit.  The moment he has had enough milk, he goes back into the carrier.

The other two still want to play.

Tiger visits, with Bobby's consent.

Good boy, Tiger!


chen said...

Ooh! Gila cute. I think the job of taking care of little kitties makes Bobby feel useful and "macho." Keeps him going.

chen said...

I've been noticing the small ears of the Rex, Fox and Honeybear, and then compared them to the pictures of kittens I've looked after (all generic kucing kampungs). And my kittens have all large pointy ears. So it's interesting to speculate the genetics that make up their small ears. Maybe a bit of Scottish Fold DNA in them?

chankahyein said...

ha ha....don't really know. I'm colour-and brand-blind. Let me know if you can identify their "brand"! Now that you've mentioned it, yes, they have small ears...