Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sean is adopted!

Many thanks to Mandy for giving me the contact which eventually led me to Charlie.  Charlie has been looking for a dog, and I asked if he would like to take a look at Sean.

Today, I took Charlie to my mum's place, and Sean and Charlie took an instant liking to each other, as though they were good old friends! 

My parents also felt very happy that Sean will go to a good home.

Here's Sean, waiting while we dismantled his cage.

This is Charlie. 

Sean saying "thank you" to my mum.

And "thank you" to my dad, too.

Sean was rescued from the Klang Dog Pound on the day he was scheduled to be euthanised, together with 44 other dogs.  We sent all the dogs to Pahang, but Sean, along with 5 other dogs had symptoms of being ill, so we brought them back for treatment.  Since then, Sean has been fostered by my mother.  He has been neutered and vaccinated.   

In these 8 months, Sean has become a very obedient and grateful dog.  Though still playful, he is very alert and sharp.

Going into Charlie's car.

Bye, Sean... 

Have a good and happy life!

Thank you, Charlie, for giving Sean a good home.

Every time we manage to rehome any (former) stray animal, it is always an occasion for rejoicing and gratitude.  We are very thankful to all these kind-hearted people for choosing to adopt a street animal instead of buying a pedigree.  They are life-savers, in the true sense of the word. 

And thank you to everyone who has been helping us forward our postings for adoption.  We definitely need your help.  

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Anonymous said...

Bye Sean,

May you be happy in your new home.