Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bunny comes home

I've just brought Bunny home from the vet's.  The urine test shows excess protein, white blood cells and haemoglobin.  The blood test results will only be known tomorrow. 

Based on the urine test alone, it suggests possible bladder infection or mild kidney infection, but it does not show kidney failure.  Another possibility is the presence of all these large molecules in the urine indicates that the kidney filters are not working well.  If this is the case, it is a terminal condition.  I pray it is not this.  The vet also palpitated his organs, and Bunny did not show any signs of pain at all. 

However, the urine test isn't sufficient for a proper diagnosis, so it's best to wait for the blood test results tomorrow.  Upon checking Bunny's records, last year, he was straight-away given Doxy and Baytril (two antibiotics) and he recovered within 1 1/2 days.  The vet was tempted to put him on Baytril today, but since blood has been taken, it would be better to wait until tomorrow instead of simply pumping Bunny with all kinds of drugs. 

Bunny did not vomit while at the vet's, and he was "exceptionally well-behaved" when all the procedures were administered, according to the vet.  Good boy, Bunny.  But he vomited just now, while going up the stairs. was a lot of brownish stuff again.  This really worries me.   

He is still not interested in food at all.  He was given subcutaneous fluids so his hydration is taken care of, at least until tomorrow. 

Bunny back from the vet's.

Cheer up, Bunnyphant!

Bobby checking in on his friend.

I just want to sleep and rest.

Ok, we won't disturb you, Bunny.

But please get well soon.

Many thanks to Cathy and Joe, for your very kind concern and thoughtful wishes for Bunny.  All positive thoughts for Bunny would help very much. 

It would be at least 20 hours before we know the results of the blood test tomorrow.  Time doesn't fly when we want it to...

We'll be keeping vigil on Bunny tonight.  


ManekiNeko said...

Honestly, Bobby is an angel in a fur coat. Bless that dog! :-)

Sending many prayers to Bunny.

Anonymous said...

Hi KY, so sad to hear abt Bunny boy. The protein in his urine shows signs of his kidneys going down. He will need special food for poor kidneys function from now on, watch out for potassium in his diet. He might be vomitting because of the Doxy which needs to be taken with food to prevent this. Watch the Baytril too because it causes blindness in cats, especially ailing ones. Baytril should be used as a last resort but here our vets dispense it quite freely.

My prayers go out to dear Bunny. He is so sweet. KY, cherish him well ... you take care too.