Friday, July 30, 2010

Next top (feline) models?

It's not easy to take a good photo of the cats unless they are resting, lounging or sleeping.  And sometimes, when you're just about to take a really interesting shot, they get up and move away...

Here are some shots we took today. 

Bunny, after a meal.

What bliss...

Cow, the alpha and the terrorist.

Cleo, the Calico-Queen and the only one who can antagonise Cow.
Never judge a cat by her size or gender.

Tiger, the ever-so-mild-mannered cat, waiting patiently and asking for food.

Who can say "no" to a face like that?

And what is Bobby doing? 
Well, there was a lot of noise outside the house today (construction work at the neighbour's) and Bobby found it just too loud.

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