Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bunny eats kibbles on his own!

This is the moment we've been waiting for....Bunny eating kibbles on his own!

Since Bunny fell sick on Sunday, he has been rooming in with my son, Jia-Wen (even when he was healthy, he often slept in Jia-Wen's room).  But Jia-Wen had to go to work at 4am this morning, so when he left, Bunny walked over to my bedroom.  I had been contemplating whether to go over to Jia-Wen's room or bring Bunny over to mine.  I guess Bunny read my mind and made his choice.

At around 6.45am every morning, Cleo will make her morning calls for breakfast.  This happens without fail.  So when Cleo called this morning, I went downstairs, and to my surprise, Bunny followed me. 

I put some kibbles in front of him, and he nibbled at some!  However, since yesterday, he has been feeling a little nervous by the presence of Cow and the other cats.  I guess Bunny still feels a little "not himself yet", so he feels threatened by the other cats.  He just nibbled a little and walked away.

He wanted to go into the garden, so I accompanied him.  He must have spent close to 45 minutes just grooming himself and getting a dose of the morning air.

Cleaning every inch of his body...

Indy and Tiger kept him company. 
I think they mean well, but Bunny preferred to be by himself.

He spent some time scratching on the rattan trunk and sitting on his favourite garden chair.  He has always liked sitting in the porch. 

Later, he went into the kitchen again, so I offered him some fresh kibbles...

He ate them!

Now, he is resting on the window sill in my bedroom, getting some sunshine.

As I am writing this, Bunny came down and asked for more kibbles again!

So I guess the vet was right.  Bunny seems to be on the road to recovery now that he is eating on his own again.  We will never know what caused his illness for the past one week.  We will also never know what cured him.  It must have been a combination of everything that we gave him - medicine, food, rest, tender loving care, time, prayers and positive thinking. 

But I remember doing everything I could not to stress him unnecessarily and letting him be as relaxed as possible.  This was the one thing the vet emphasized.  But it definitely involved a lot of time and patience monitoring him, keeping the other cats away and accompanying him wherever he wanted to go.
Bunny is with me in the room now. 

And Bunny says a big "thank you" to everyone who has sent prayers and positive thoughts for his recovery.

Thank you, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Bunny looks so much better today. He doesnt have the tired look in his face anymore.

Before the week is over, Bunny should be running around again.

sI tEDI said...

hye Bunny! :))))

Anonymous said...

Happy news. Very relieved for you and your family.