Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bunny eats on his own

Bunny had taken a long nap after coming back from the vet's, and since he was asleep, I too needed a nap quite badly.  Bunny was on the ottoman (his favourite place), but after awhile, I was awakened by Bunny walking on my body.  He came right towards me, lay on my chest and meowed.  I hope he was trying to tell me that he was feeling better already.  When Bunny was small, he used to do this a lot.  

After about an hour or so, Bunny went over to Bobby, who was sleeping on "the favourite chair in the house".  Normally, everybody tries to get the chair (readers might remember Suki's infamous coup de tat to wrestle this chair from everyone else, dog, cat or human!).  Seems like Bunny just wanted to share the chair with Bobby this time.

And he did!

But Bobby wasn't comfortable, so he came down and went under the sofa.

And Bunny got "the chair".

At 4.30pm, it was time to (force)feed Bunny his AD.  I brought a small portion out and let him sniff the food, but as usual, he wasn't interested.  I put a tiny blob into his mouth, but he spat it out.  Instead, he slowly licked the food off my hand!  Looks like Bunny did not want to be forcefed.  He had decided to eat on my own!  I was really delighted.  For me, that's a milestone.  I know the vet said he would only be happy if Bunny started eating his kibbles, but for me, this is already a great achievement.  

So, Bunny licked up small portions off my hand, and finished about 1 tablespoon of AD.

Eat, Bunny, eat.

Bunny is eating on his own!

It was feeding time again at 8.30pm just now.  Again, he ate off my hand.  I hope in time, Bunny will eat from the bowl.  I gave him his medicine after that.

Perhaps the Baytril is working, or Bunny just needed a longer time to recover.  Whatever it is, it's moment-by-moment now, and as long as Bunny gets better, I am thankful.

Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and prayers for Bunny! 


Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Bunny!

Praying for u from Penang...


Anonymous said...

That's the way to go Bunny! Eat more to regain your strength and in no time, you will be running (or hopping) around again.

Dr Chan, you are doing a fantastic job as a care giver. The cats and dogs are so blessed to have you as their surrogate mother.

Do take care of your own health too.

sI tEDI said...

Bunny cepat sihat okey?? :)