Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mr Zurik IS around!

After disappearing into thin air for a few weeks, we spotted Mr Zurik today!

To recap, Mr Zurik disappeared after he ran helter-skelter out of the house compound when Cow unleashed his fury at the Stargate by letting out a terrifying war-cry and slamming himself onto the polycarb at the gate. Vincent and Mr Zurik were having a war-crying stint right outside the Stargate that night, as usual, and this irritated Cow. Poor Indy was nearby and he sustained bite injuries from the ferocious Cow. It took Indy more than a week to recover from those bites.

Ever since then, we had not seen Mr Zurik at all.

That has been many weeks.

This afternoon, as we were driving down the road, we saw Mr Zurik rolling about right outside "his house". He looked well.

On the way back, we slowed down to see if we could spot him again and there he was....

Zurik at 27

He still looks pretty much the same, doesn't he?

I'm glad he is well. He's really better off back in his own house because if he comes to our house, all the PatioCats run the risk of being chased by him.

Keep well, Mr Zurik.

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Yoke Mei said...

Mr Zurik looks pretty grumpy.....