Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cow's eye injury

There was a huge war cry in Bunny's Place at midnight last night.

By the time we rushed down, we found Cow and Bunny in the room, and the rest were all out in the pantry with Indy antagonising Tiger with his war cry.

We broke up Indy's attack on Tiger and thought all was well. Tabs' tail was all fluffed up but she was unscathed in the pantry. She was probably trying to help Tiger from afar.

Why did Indy attack Tiger? This has never happened before....

Then we came in and noticed a reddish discharge flowing out of Cow's right eye. Cow was wiping his eye with his paw and he could not open this right eye. Bunny was fine.

It was only then that we realised Indy must have attacked Cow and scratched his eye.

Soon all the cats came in and as we were attending to Cow, Bunny started to yell at poor Tiger.

I washed Cow's eye with saline. Nothing much could be done at that time of night. The reddish discharge stopped after a few minutes.

This morning, we noticed a blood clot inside Cow's eye, surrounding his pupil.

So it was off to the vet's with Cow in tow.


Waiting for our turn at the vet's.

The vet checked Cow's eye and there is indeed a blood clot. A stain test was done to check for ulcers and so far, there was none. So a steroid eyedrop was prescribed. The purpose of the eyedrop is to prevent "stickiness" inside the eye. If the various parts of the eye start to "stick together", it would lead to complications like glaucoma, etc. The blood clot should resolved by itself, but the eyedrop is essential to prevent the "stickiness".

However, the vet said the pattern of the blood clot was a little unusual. Normally, the blood clot would sink to the bottom but Cow's was splattered on his eye. There is a slight worry that there could be lens material in the clot but for now, we cannot tell yet. Lens material is usually cloudy and there is no such indication now.

We hope there is no damage to the lens.


So all he needs is the eyedrop for now (3 times daily) and it's back for another check-up in a week's time.

Please, please get well soon, Cow.

If any ulcer forms in the next few days, the steroid eyedrop has to be stopped as it would make an ulcer worse. So, this calls for close observation of the eye. If it gets redder or more irritable, Cow would need an earlier visit to the vet's.


Indy is missing a claw from the fight; we did not see any bite wounds and hope there are none.

We will never know what transpired in the fight last night, but for now, all we hope is that Indy and Cow will both be alright.


Thank goodness Tiger was not injured in the whole episode last night.


Peggy Quah said...

Oh dear we never know wen a war will start
Hope all will get well soon.

Maneki Neko said...

Oh, how awful! I say that partly because it does sound like a nasty fight, and partly because I myself am so terribly squeamish when it comes to eye injuries. Sending all good healing wishes to all the Titans...

jasmine ong said...

Poor Cow! May everybody get well soon. May the Titans be more peaceful with all too.

Yen Ling said...

I second Jasmine Ong. I hope all is well now and Cow, get well soon.

Chen said...

Poor Cow. Get well soon. Please take your medicine with no fuss and don't join in any fights in the future.

Have you tried timing your cats play time right before you serve them food? I read somewhere that play is important to re-direct aggressive energies and the best timing for this is before food time. It mirrors their hunting activities - chase for food and then eat - in this way they would be able to reach a more satisfied state of mind. Recently I've tried this with my cats and they love their pre-food play to the extent that when they know its near food time, one of them will drag a string and put it in front of me and give me The Stare.

chankahyein said...

Thanks for all the kind wishes and suggestions!