Monday, November 3, 2014

A late night fight

Indy had mild diarrhoea two nights ago and I put him on ID and steamed pumpkin. So, the whole of yesterday, Indy was forcefed ID with steamed pumpkin. He didn't like it, of course. About an hour after every small meal, there would be pasty poo at Indy's poo-corner on the grass. This happened about 6 times yesterday. But apart from the mild diarrhoea, he was active and alert as usual.

Then, late last night, there was a fight at the Stargate. Or more accurately, on both sides of the Stargate. Vincent was having a stand-off with Mr Zurik outside the Stargate and this triggered a fight between Cow and Indy on the inside. While the Vincent-Zurik fight was only a war-cry fight, which was totally harmless, any fight involving Cow usually leads to injuries.

I had to use the water hose to break up Cow and Indy. Poor Indy came running back and his left hind paw was injured. There was a small puncture wound on the top and the bottom was bleeding just directly below the paw pad. I quickly cleaned the wounds and applied iodine on them. It's not easy managing Indy, though, as he is so strong.

I gave Indy Vetri DMG as well.

It's Sunday today, and the vets are closed.

Indy hid under the bench for many hours this morning until afternoon. They always hide when they feel defenseless. When he did come out, he was limping. I sprayed Path-Away and applied the Wound Protector on the wounds as often as I could. Poor Indy...first it was the diarrhoea and now, this paw injury.

He only came out in the late afternoon.


I hope this means he is feeling better.


That's the injured paw.

If it doesn't get better by tomorrow, we may have to see a vet.


Cow has an anger problem. He flies into a rage when provoked and whoever is near him becomes a victim.

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